Email Marketing

In today’s fast-paced world, you need new and more exciting ways to use email to reach your customers. You know what you want to achieve with your email marketing and Webpower is here to give you just that.

Marketing Automation

How do you thrive in the business world? The answer is simple: reach your customers on a personal level and you are more likely to be a success. In fact, research shows that engaging your customers in the right way can increase their average spend by as much as 50%.

SMS Marketing

Add text messages to your campaigns for a multi-channel approach. Text messages work well as a reminder or as a way to create more buzz around your event or company.

Mobile Marketing

It is time to ride the wave of mobile in China! With more than 1 billion users, mobile gives you the best chance at going viral in this country. By using the Webpower mobile marketing solution, you can integrate email, SMS and social media for a multi-channel approach.

Customer Journey

Webpower builds behavior-centric solutions, with visually appealing designs and automatically executed solutions through omni-channels. Join us to dig out the possibilities in big data!

Continuous Development…

Webpower strives to cater for all clients’ marketing needs. We continue provide innovative and cutting-edge products with premium quality.
Webpower ensures omni-channels coverage and high deliverability throughout these channels.


Our experts understand what you really need
and are there to help you achieve it

At Webpower, our customers are our most important asset.
As a result, we will always go that extra mile to listen, find solutions, and to help you use our products in the most effective ways.


Trusted by industry leaders

We create products and features that empower our customers all over the world. Our ability to do this for you is what puts the ‘power’ in Webpower.

Our Clients Say

“Since the beginning of our collaboration, Webpower has offered us a full support and all the advice we have needed, showing a truly outstanding professional and human relationship.”

Maribel Tabuenca Borobia

Directora E-commerce Ticketmaster España // E-commerce Manager Ticketmaster Spain

“We opted for Webpower because of their involvement with the client business development and due to the improvement of the relationship with our subscribers by actively listening to our needs.”

Jordi Bruguera Cunillera

Marketing Coordinator

“Webpower China came up with the core creative idea of using an omnichannel campaign to meet the marketing goals we set out. By integrating online and offline, email, social media and mobile as well as the popular QR code, we collected new members, increased our brand awareness and increased the number of sales.”

Carolyn Pan

LACOSTE CRM Manager China

“Since the cooperation with Webpower, we have received a lot of valuable advice. They helped us nurture numerous loyal email subscribers.”

Eland Cheng

CRM Executive @ ASOS

About us

Webpower is a recognized, global player in marketing automation.
We give you better customer insight and help you engage your audience through personal and relevant content in emails, push, SMS,
social media and on your website. As a result, we also offer you ways to save money and increase your conversion rates.
Our detailed reports help you to improve your marketing approaches as time goes on.

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