10 tips for email marketing in China

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10 tips for email marketing in China

Everyone knows that China is a peculiar country with its own rules. You must understand and join the Chinese parallel system to achieve the success in your digital marketing strategy. Let’s focus on email marketing:

1. Make sure that your emails are really reaching the inboxes

That means you need a local provider. Forget about your international email provider, most of them are blocked in China anyway. Is your email bounce rate high? (Depending on the industry and the market, an average bounce rates is between 2-3%)

That means you are spending money on sending emails which your reader will never receive. Or even worse, the platform indicates the emails are delivered, but they never actually arrived in your client¡¯s mailbox, not even in the spam folder. A good solution for improving your deliverability is a SMTP solution.

2. Get along with Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Every ISP has its own Anti-Spam rules. Just follow their guidelines. Some of the more general rules are:
– Try to find a balance between text and images.
– Links should always be correct and have a title.
– Pictures should have a title and a description.
– Subject line are better short than long.
– Try to go lightly on spam sensitive words.

It’s a fairy tale that using certain words will directly mark you as spam. A spam filter can be triggered by many things, but seldom by using specific words such as ‘free’, ‘last chance’, use of capitals and exclamation marks.

A spam filter assigns points for spam words in the subject line and body of the mailing. If the number of points goes above a certain number, the email is considered spam. Using one (or two) of these words will not cause you to end up in the junk folder.

3. Watch out for the volume

When we compare European and Chinese data base lists, the difference is stunning. Not every email provider pipeline has the capability to send millions of emails on a regular basis.

4. Who is this ‘no reply@’ person?

Email is one of the channels that a company has to start a dialogue with its customers. If you use ¡®no-reply¡¯, you block the conversation and lose the chance to find out more about your subscribers.

5. Be Responsive!

More than 80% of the Internet traffic in China comes from mobile devices. Your email template should adapt to all of them. The best solution is to use a responsive design.

6. Relevant content

By using different digital profiles based on demographic data, behavior and lifestyle your email campaign will target each group with suitable information that interests those particular customers.

7. Sparkling, flashy and fancy.

Chinese consumers prefer a different look and feel. Adapt your content to them, make it more appealing from a Chinese perspective.

8. Link with other channels

Chinese society is based on multiple channels and consists of very active online members. Be sure to provide them with the bridge to cross among every platform, online or offline. Don’t create barriers between channels.

9. Be transparent

The reliability and security of a brand are of great importance to Chinese consumer. Don¡¯t overstate the subject of the email and don?t create false expectations about the products.

10. Double opt-in and allow people to unsubscribe

Why do you want to send information to people who are no longer interested in your company? Allowing customers to unsubscribe is a really healthy way to clean up your data list. Additionally, you can include a small survey to find out why a user wants to unsubscribe: too many emails, information is not relevant, no longer interested? You can use this information to further improve your email marketing.



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