Boost foot traffic with email lifecycle campaigns

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Boost foot traffic with email lifecycle campaigns

Bricks are turning into clicks. With the rocketing development of ecommerce, brick-and-mortar stores around the world are fighting a difficult battle: Macy’s, Marks & Spencer, Central…these are just a few examples of shopping malls
having hard time to catch up with the trend.

Luckily, secret weapons are out there. Email! People often consider email a tool for online sales, nonetheless, an email lifecycle campaign is proved to be effective in attracting foot traffic. ‘How?’ You are asking.

Before we jump on to the ‘how’, let’s solve the ‘what’ first. An email lifecycle campaign is composed of a series of mailings. They are sent out during different stages of customer journey, allowing companies to foster a continuous conversation with its customers. Now, how exactly should retailers design their email lifecycle campaigns to attract visit in store?

A welcome email isn’t merely greeting

When there is a new customer on board, the first thing is to make sure that his/her contact information is valid. You can verify it by sending out a welcome email. If the mail bounced back, trigger a text message saying ‘hey, seems that the email address you gave us was incorrect, could you reply us with the correct one?’ This multichannel approach can be easily automated through marketing automation solutions. In this way, the risk of losing your contacts is significantly reduced.

Coupons to be redeemed in store

Give your members a reason to come to your mall. And one of the easiest ways is coupon. A birthday email well fit into the scenario. Send a ‘Best wishes’ email to a member on his/her birthday, and include coupons as gifts. Unlike promotion code, these coupons could only be redeemed in store. Cordially invite the member to come to the store and enjoy his/her day of privilege.

Another way to send out the digital coupon is via customer survey. After someone fulfills an online customer survey, send him/her a digital coupon as a reward. By doing so, you are not only motivating members to take the survey, but also attracting visits in store.

Product maintenance reminder

If members purchased products that needs regular maintenance (household devices, jewelries etc.), send them reminders via email. In this email, invite members to come to store to have the product checked, and also including some tips for product maintenance. By doing so, you are able to bond with your members, and motivate them to visit your shops.

Event invitation

It is important for shopping centers to not only sell, but also create a community for members to interact and bond with each other. Organize offline events in store and send out event invitations to your members via email. If the event is open for everyone, you can include a link for priority seat in the email for members. By delivering the sense of exclusivity, you will be able to attract more foot traffic.

In conclusion, it is all about defining customer need in different stages of their lifecycle, and offer them a reason to come.

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