1. What does Webpower offer?

Webpower offers intelligent marketing solutions in China. For those who want to design & send emails to Chinese customers and analyze email performance, we got your back. For those who want to create a buzz in China through mobile campaigns, we got your back. Meanwhile, our experts can tailor-make your marketing campaign in China, from planning to executing to monitoring.

2. How can Webpower products & services benefit my business?

Webpower obtains competitive advantages in the following regards: first, we ensure high deliverability of your email sending. China enforces strict internet regulations, therefore a lot of companies are struggling with getting their emails delivered to the right inbox (instead of spam box and hard bounces). Our local server and dedicated email IPs will get your message delivered safe and sound. Secondly, the Webpower platform enables bulk email sending. We provide multiple IP addresses for those who wish to send out large amounts of email. Whether it’s 10 emails or 100 million emails you are sending, we will take good care of them. Lastly, Webpower clients can always rely on our local expertise. China is different, challenging and rapidly growing. By understanding the Chinese society, mentality and consumer behavior, we are able to create the right campaign for your target group.

Products and Services

3. What do I need in order to send emails in China?

The most important prerequisite for using a local server to send emails in China is to have an ICP (Internet Content Provider) license. Companies can apply for such a license online. Webpower currently does not apply for ICP licenses for clients.

4. Where can I send my emails and SMS to if I use the Webpower products and services?

Anywhere you want! Clients can use our servers located in both China and Europe. Emails send to China will automatically go through our server in China; our server in Europe will handle the rest.

5. How long does it take to set up a demo?

Once your demo request is received, we will contact you via email and/or phone calls for necessary information to set up your demo. After that, it only takes 3 to 4 business days to have your demo account set up.

6. How long can I use your demo?

Once a demo is set up, you can use it for a week. If this is not enough, don’t hesitate to tell us and we can discuss extending this testing period for you.

7. How long does it take to set up the platform?

Setting up the platform is a quick process. If you would like to use our shared IP address (instead of a dedicated IP), it takes 1 day to set up. If you would like a dedicated IP address of your own, it takes around 10 business days for us to process.

8. Do Webpower products and services help with my email reputation?

Yes. First, the Webpower platform reviews your email content and gives it a spam rating. Second, our clients always have the option of getting their own dedicated IP addresses for email sending (instead of sharing an IP address with other companies). In this way, the reputation of this IP address is completely under your own control. Lastly, Webpower is a strategic partner of the major Chinese ISPs (Internet Service Provider) and an active member of CASA (China Anti-spam Alliance). Therefore we are always aware of the latest internet regulations and advice our clients accordingly.

9. How does the internet policies in china affect my deliverability?

First, the internet policy in China is changing frequently. The rapid change makes it hard for international companies to always follow the new rules. Secondly, the firewall for internet censorship in China is constantly monitoring all the emails and online contents coming from outside China. There are multiple reasons for your emails not reaching the Chinese recipients: sensitive content, invalid ISP (e.g. emails send from Gmail often have problems reaching China), invalid IP address (the censor deems your IP address as suspicious)… That is why we highly recommend companies to use servers located in China. Doing so will significantly improve your email deliverability in China.

10. How do you charge for your products and services?

Webpower offers various packages for our clients. In general, clients can either use the Webpower platform to send emails, or employ Webpower full service to develop and execute the entire marketing campaign. Service price is also subject to sending volume, the number of IP addresses, contract timeframe etc. For more details regarding our service packages, please contact us.