Multichannel approach: more leads at less cost

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Multichannel approach: more leads at less cost

According to the China Email Marketing Metrics Report 2015, the number of companies adopting a combination of SMS and email has increased by almost 50%. Consumers in China are highly diversified and no single channel covers it all. To achieve 1-to-1 communication with Chinese customers, the key always lies in multichannel approach.

What can you achieve with multichannel strategy?

Let your customers choose the way of communication

We have heard many complaints from companies about customers not reading their emails or SMS. Why not give them the right to choose? In more and more companies SMS is combined with email to identify one¡¯s channel preference. For example, when a new product is released, customers would receive an email introducing the product and with links directing traffic to the company website. However, email is not always the primary communication tool for quite some recipients and they did not read your newsletter. To solve the problem, an SMS is triggered to the recipient if he/she did not open the email within 3 days. This SMS includes a brief product description and a URL directing to the website. The brand is able to track the URL and analyze SMS behavior of the recipients.
  By adopting an email + SMS approach, you can reach and engage more consumers in China. At the same time, you are able to determine and record channel preference of each member. In the following campaigns, use this information and send information to members only via their preferred channels. In this way, communication is made more effective and cost-saving than before.


Revitalize ‘cold’ members

‘Cold’ members are those who lost contact or barely respond to newsletters. Many companies have stored a large amount of ‘cold’member database. These members are less likely than regular members to read your messages, yet they already had brand experience in the past. In this case, multichannel approach played an important role in re-activating these members. Try this: send your latest promotion to ‘cold’members and if they do not respond to the email, trigger an SMS to remind the member of checking the email from your company. A URL directing to the website is also embedded in the SMS, allowing the company to track if one clicked on the link or not.

In this way, lost leads can be retrieved and re-used, allowing you to enlarge your database and keep it clean.

Enrich your database

Given the many advantages of multichannel approach, however, many are asking: what if I only have the email address from a person? How do I get his/her phone number? No worries! Encourages members to verify their phone numbers through emails. In every promotional email, add a block asking recipients to submit their phone numbers. Offer special deals to those who submitted their contact details. Make the deal time-sensitive, so that you can urge recipients to take immediate reaction.

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