Webpower provides innovative marketing tools and channels in China.

Offer a unique,  personal and relevant communication experience to your clients and prospects. Use these solutions to turn leads into happy customers.

Email Marketing

In today’s fast-paced world, you need new and more exciting ways to use email to reach your customers. You know what you want to achieve with your email marketing and Webpower is here to give you just that.

● Build 360 degree customer profile to engage your customers.
● Segment your customers so that right messages are delivered to the right person.
● Optimize emails for viewing on any device and screen size.
● Automated emails are sent throughout your campaign without risks of human error.

Marketing Automation

How do you thrive in the business world? The answer is simple: reach your customers on a personal level and you are more likely to be a success. In fact, research shows that engaging your customers in the right way can increase their average spend by as much as 50%.

● Customer Intelligence computation and forecasting models ensure accurate customer targeting.
● Build responsive-designed emails on one click.
● Connect with your customers via multiple channels.
● Develop marketing insights from detailed feedback reports.

SMS Marketing

Add text messages to your campaigns for a multi-channel approach. Text messages work well as a reminder or as a way to create more buzz around your event or company.

● International SMS coverage with high deliverability
● Continuously upgrading platform based on user feedback.
● Track customer behaviors and interact with them.

Mobile Marketing

Adapting to the mobile marketing trends in China, where 80% of the Netizens are mobile. Webpower integrates email, SMS and Social Media platforms, like Wechat , to develop a unique and effective communication model. Boost your Mobile Marketing by integrating it with your S-CRM.

● Use personalized QR codes to differentiate yourself.
● Synchronize customer information into your database.
● Interact with your customers in real time
● Connected with your channel communication to improve interaction.

Customer Journey

Newsletters are a great way to communicate your latest updates. Most of the email marketing strategies have a essential problem: new subscribers only receive the latest updates emails instead of targeted information matching their interest. Create strategies which go together with your user lifecycle by adapting the content at the right moment.