Customer Journey

Newsletters are a great way to communicate your latest updates. However, most of the email marketing strategies have a essential problem: new subscribers only receive the latest updates emails instead of targeted information matching their interest. Create strategies which go together with your user lifecycle by adapting the content at the right moment.

Set up your lifecycle campaigns in China and only send relevant information to your subscribers at the right time. Add value to your communication and save time and resources. Your users are not the same. Treat them what they deserve in each stage of their journey. Segment your audience and guide them to achieve your goal: conversion.

FrieslandCampina Success story

FrieslandCampina is a worldwide provider of milk powder. In 2013, the Company launched in China a lifecycle strategy to retains their customers by segmenting them into different audience group and get their loyalty.

They give away advice about healthy lifestyle, education, and so on to pregnant women and families with children under 2 years old.

The information is always accurate and on time. Every two months subscribers receive their newsletters with interesting tips.

This guideline and the personalized information eventually increased loyalty and ROI up to 30%.

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