Email Marketing

In today’s fast-paced world, you need new and more exciting ways to use email to reach your customers.
You know what you want to achieve with your email marketing and Webpower is here to give you just that.

Step 1: Create User e-ID

Do you really know your customers?

By creating e-Ids, you are able to build 360-degree profiles of your customers. You know what your customers like, so you can send them relevant contents.

Information included in customer profiles:

•    Demographics
•    Hobbies
•    Online behavior
•    Customer lifecycle
•    ……

Profile scoring

•    Apply scores to types of behavior and interests.
Use scores to trigger campaigns.
•    Build customer profiles to create more personal and relevant content.

Customer segmentation

•    Create and refine segments based on different criteria.
•     This could include age, gender, interests, online behavior, device and email lifetime activity.

Data Integration

•    Webpower has been set up to work with other platforms.
•     It’s open and flexible and can connect to any tool or database you want.

Step 2: Content personalization

Webpower Smart Editor

Customize your email design and layout with the Webpower Smart Editor.
It is easier than ever before! With just one click you can build your own template,
re-order content blocks and preview your email across devices and ISPs…You name it!

How to make emails visually appealing to your customers?

Free yourself from creating multiple emails with similar content for different target groups. Specify which content you want to show on the targeted profile.
The dynamic block templates are especially helpful when:
•    No team is dedicated for email design.
•     Email platform is used by multiple departments within a company

How to improve experience for mobile users?

Optimize messages for viewing on any device and screen size. Pre-define what type of content you show on which device (laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone) and offer content that suits each person who visits your site.

Which email works better?

Stop guessing and start testing. Run A/B test email campaigns by creating
two or more messages.
Send them to random email addresses in your database.
Afterwards, send the message that creates the most leads or conversions
to the remainder of your list.

Use A/B test with :

•    Email subject line
•    Sender address
•    Visual design
•    ‘Call to Action’ design
•    Content

Step 3: Accurate and effective delivery

Webpower SMTP for even better deliverability

Start using Webpower SMTP for higher delivery rates and quicker email sending.
We are here for you to deliver your emails in your customer’s inbox at the right time.

Have you tried the more efficient ways?

Based on triggers you can schedule your email/SMS sendouts all at once. Email triggers may include: newsletter subscription, promotions, website visit, events (e.g. birthday), member loyalty programs, etc. Use triggers to send automated emails throughout customer lifecycle.

How to improve customer interaction?

Combine data from different systems to personalize and schedule your marketing messages. With Webpower, you can integrate any other system that has an API into our native external connector. Connect CRM, CMS, your blog, online shop and support with two-way sync so data is always up-to-date. Webpower is also on hand to offer support when you wish to configure the system for your own needs.

Step 4: Personalized report

Want a comprehensive report?

Create reports and send updates to stakeholders automatically. Webpower is S.A.M.E. certified.
This ensures that we our metrics apply to accepted international standards. Webpower maps out the geographic locations of your customers and track their behaviors in real time.

Want to measure the value of your email marketing campaign?

Use Webpower to measure results, find what works best and improve your ROI. See who visits a certain landing page and how often they do so. Check the online behavior of customers and leads by analyzing the rates at which your emails convert.

      Other features:

•    Multilingual support
•    Spam control
•    Schedule email sendouts
•    Control frequency of emails
•    PDF generator
•    Social publishing

•    Abandoned shopping cart
•    Subscription manger
•    Deliverability & reputation management
•    Plugins
•    Email coding

•    Content editor
•    Access control
•    Return email recognition
•    Send from multiple addresses
•    Email preview
•    Invite friends

•    Personal QR codes and barcodes
•    Email check
•    Event manager
•    Platform security maintenance
•    Surveys & polls
•    Database organizing

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