Marketing Automation

How do you thrive in the business world? The answer is simple: reach your customers on a personal level and you are more likely to be a success.
In fact, research shows that engaging your customers in the right way can increase their average spend by as much as 50%.

Customer Intelligence Calculation

The Customer Intelligence Calculation system enables quick screen, search and segment of massive data. This serves to accurately target customers and send out relevant contents. As marketing campaign develops, the customer intelligence system also optimizes itself.

Push contents via multiple channels

Push content via multiple channels based on customers’ preferences, automatically select their favorable channels to deliver contents.

Event driven campaigns

Automate messages based on predefined triggers. You can do this with each visit to your web page, on birthdays, or set Webpower to send a message two weeks after a purchase.

Event Marketing

Organizing a successful event involves a program that sells tickets, invitations, bookings, follow ups and more. With the right tools, it’s possible to automate this process and make it easier. Save time and effort!

Longer campaign lifecycle

Display banners are placed based on customers’ email behavior. The ads stay effective for 6 months, allowing you to track customer behavior via multiple channels.

Dynamic Templates

Send relevant emails to different segmented groups. Increase relevance by sending dynamic content. Specify which content you want to show on the targeted profile. Show different or less content on smartphones and tablets than on laptops or desktop computers.

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