Mobile Marketing

It is time to ride the wave of mobile in China! With more than 1 billion users, mobile gives you the best chance at going viral in this country.
By using the Webpower mobile marketing solution, you can integrate email, SMS and social media for a multi-channel approach.

HTML5 game for immediate engagement

Webpower develops HTML5 games for social media platforms. These fun and easy games have proven to enhance engagement significantly and increase brand recognition. Customers can share the game with their friends. What’s more, H5 can now be used for customer information collection—once they like your game, they are willing to share more about themselves.

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HTML5 web pages generate more visits

Build web pages that are playful, interactive and shareable. Web pages in Wechat incorporate dynamic content that allow visitors to interact by clicking, tilting and swiping the screen. Visitors can also share the page with friends directly on social media. H5 web pages are widely used for surveys, information sharing and product promotions.

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Lifecycle campaigns on mobile

Be there for your customers whenever they need you. For example, send a welcome SMS/email once someone registers; a confirmation SMS immediately after order placement; more information through Wechat relevant to previous purchases; a kind SMS reminder of one’s upcoming activities… The entire process is automated and constantly optimized by our experts, so that you always stay connected with your customers.

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CRM integration

Talk directly to your customers by integrating your CRM. Important information is automatically extracted from conversations and used to enrich customer profiles. The result? Personal information is gradually accumulated and you can further customize content for everyone.

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