SMS Marketing

Add text messages to your campaigns for a multi-channel approach.
Text messages work well as a reminder or as a way to create more buzz around your event or company.

Connect with your customers anytime, anywhere via text messages.

•    Global coverage
•    Long SMS text messages
•    Customer interaction
•    High deliverability

The efficient and easy-to-use platform enables you to track customer behaviors in real time.

•    Personalized SMS
•    URL tracking
•    One-to-one communication
•    Subscription management
•    Send report
•    Bilingual operation system

Automated SMS sending to free you from daily routines

•    Pick your own number
•    Online technical support
•    Real time monitoring
•    Alert system
•    Database compatibility

More advantages

•    24/7 technical support
•    Channel integration
•    Automated re-sending
•    Video & multimedia sending
•    Verification code
•    Real time interaction

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